Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment: Restoring Your Tooth's Health

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure designed to save and repair a severely damaged or infected tooth. It involves removing the damaged pulp from inside the tooth, cleaning and disinfecting the affected area, and then filling and sealing it to prevent further infection. Contrary to popular belief, root canals are not painful but are instead a highly effective way to relieve tooth pain and save your natural tooth.

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

Signs that you may need a root canal include:

1. Persistent Toothache: A severe, throbbing, or lingering toothache, especially when applying pressure to the affected tooth.
2. Sensitivity to Temperature: Increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages.
3. Swollen or Tender Gums: Swelling and tenderness in the nearby gums, which may be accompanied by a small, pimple-like bump near the affected tooth.
4. Darkening of the Tooth: Discoloration of the tooth is a sign that the nerve inside the tooth is damaged or dead.
5. Prolonged Sensitivity after Dental Procedures: Discomfort or sensitivity that persists after dental work like fillings or crowns.


Preserving Your Natural Smile

Root canal treatment is a highly successful procedure that can save your natural tooth, alleviate pain, and restore oral health. If you are experiencing tooth pain or other symptoms, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our experienced dental team will assess your condition and determine the most appropriate treatment to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

What Patients Say

Hayk Snkhtchyan
Hayk Snkhtchyan
Best dentist around! I have had dental anxiety for years and have avoided going to the dentist for a long time. When a tooth broke and I was in so much pain I’m glad I found Dr. Doku. He got me in the same day and took great care of me and made the experience painless. You can truly tell his passion for his work and his compassion towards his patients. I will be coming back to have all of my dental work completed and get back on track! Thank you Dr. Doku!!
shahbaz randhawa
shahbaz randhawa
Had one of my best dental experiences here cause of Dr. Doku and his staff. Very professional, thoughtful and most importantly caring. Thank you for the wonderful experience. Can’t wait to come back!
Katrina Shkreli
Katrina Shkreli
Thank you Dr Doku for providing me the best dental care I have experienced! I appreciate the professionalism, courteousness and friendly atmosphere you displayed on my visit, it made me feel like family. I would highly recommend you to everyone!
Henri Topi
Henri Topi
I love this place. The dentists really care about the patients.
Dawsar Najor
Dawsar Najor
Best Dentist in Sterling Heights! Dr. Rez saw me same day and took care of my tooth pain. He is very kind and even checked up on me the next day

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